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Location Type Ocean Beach
Detecting Time 7.5 hours
Detector Minelab Explorer SE / 15 inch WOT Coil

Well, I figured we had put in enough time at the beach last time that we would certainly find something this time out. Not! Oh well. I arrived around 6:30AM and started hunting and taking some pics. Anthony arrived around 8:20AM and Tim arrived around 10AM. Tim brought his dad along who was visiting. We had a good hunting party and I thought someone would find something but no one came up with anything decent. I left a bit earlier than the other guys so I do not know for sure that they did not find anything, but I haven't seen any posts. Summer and the fresh drops is the way to go. It was fun hunting with the guys and getting out.

Klopek in the waves
Bazooka and his dad
Bazooka and Klopek
Beach Finds
Fake earbling

Happy Hunting!
The Beep Goes On