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Story: Carat on a Stick
Soccer Fields

Location Type Modern Park
Detecting Time 4.5 hours
Detector Whites DFX with 8" EXcelerator DD coil

I do not know if I am like most detectorists, but I have periods of time where I don't hunt a lot and times where I am absolutely obsessed with hunting and I have to get out whenever possible. This week I have been wanting to hunt very badly and decided to take Friday off work (vacation day) and hunt a soccer park I've been hitting recently. So, I was under some self-imposed pressure to find some good stuff. I have hunted this park for the last couple of months using the Bigfoot (10 silver, 2 gold total, including this hunt). Today, I decided to use a smaller coil and hunt the high traffic areas.

Smashed 925 German Cross Ring

I started hunting slowly on the end of the section I wanted to hunt. I was digging pretty much everything, even the 26 VDI pulltabs that infest the site if it was a solid, narrow signal. Shuffling along, I got a dime signal and it warbled between 77 and 78 as clad dimes do. I was going to pass it up since I was after gold and silver, but I dug it anyway and came up with a smashed 925 German cross ring. It did not have the smooth silver tone since it was an irregular shape.

Smashed 925 German Cross Ring - Fixed

That was a good start since I had only been hunting less than five minutes. I kept covering the area and within the next five minutes I got a nickel signal (19 VDI) and pulled out a cool fake-diamond studded cross. It rang up like gold, it is heavy, it has no hallmarks and it is well made...I will run some tests on it to see if I can figure out what it is made of. It is a nice little piece regardless.

Fake diamond cross
Fake diamond cross

OK...feeling pretty good since it is so early in the hunt and I have some goodies in the pouch. The pressure has eased off a bit. Continuing on, digging up all types of pull tabs and slaw, I got a shallow, solid 14 VDI. I figured it was some well shaped slaw and did not use the proper care when extricating the target. Thankfully, I did not damage it, since with the first pry of the sod knife a nice 14K white gold (rhodium plated) 1.03 carat diamond ring popped out. I saw the ring shape and was thrilled and then saw the settings and said "No Way!" and then picked it up and saw the diamonds and knew it was real. I just left my gear in the field and went to the car. I put on my grampa glasses and took a look at the hallmark. 14K and...what..."1.03"...crap, they are real! The number had to refer to the carat weight of the stones. I sat and stared at it for a while.

I almost called it a day, but I had only been hunting for less than an hour and had to see if the streak would continue. It did not, but I did find a foreign coin, a 1946D wheat cent and a few other odds and ends.

14K White Gold 1.03 Carat
14K White Gold 1.03 Carat
Real diamonds!
1994 Twenty Pence Elizabeth II DG REG F.D.
1946D Wheat

I talked to one of the Park Rangers for about twenty minutes. Those guys (at least in our privately owned, non-municipal bedroom community) are really nice. It is always a good feeling to know that the powers that be are more than happy to let you detect the parks in the area. He was flabbergasted as to why Precinct 4 does not allow detecting. I told him that some sloppy Precinct 4 detectorist probably ruined it for the rest of us. At this point a ton of student soccer players started arriving in buses. Exit stage left. A great day!

UPDATE: I went to a jewelry store and found the exact same ring. It retails for $2,150. Makes me feel a bit better about the money I spend on detecting equipment ;-)

Soccer park hunt total

Happy Hunting!
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