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Story: Good Luck and Hallelujah

Location Type Sports Field
Detecting Time 3 hours
Detector Whites DFX

High School sports fields with the DFX and 18" coil

Mike, Steve, Justin and I made a plan during the week to hunt a local high school. I have had an 18" EXcelerator coil for some time, but I had never used it. I figured that I could cover more ground so I mounted it on the DFX. It is a heavy coil, but you get used to it after a while. Since I was not hunting deep targets and did not want to pick up the sprinkler system I set the preamp at 2. I got to the fields a little earlier than the other guys and started swinging around the benches on the sidelines.

The fields were marked "School Use Only" and there were very few targets. I was cherry picking and only digging the obviously good or out-of-the-ordinary signals. Next to the benches I got an out-of-the-ordinary signal and found a Buddha pendant right under the surface. Lying next to it in the mud was an 18K chain. The chain was unbroken and I wonder how it was lost. The 9999 on the pendant was a mystery to me. I, and others, thought it meant pure gold. After doing some research I found that the number 9 is very important in some Asian cultures and means freedom from enemies and disease. In some of the large Buddhist temples there are 9,999 small Buddhas and one large one. The 9999 and the Chinese text on the back identify it as a good luck charm. I am almost certain that the Buddha is 22K or 24K. A great way to start the day.

The other guys showed up and we sat around talking for a while. We roamed around the three fields and all ended up in the far west field which seemed to be the most used. I hunted out into the center and got a solid 92 signal. I pinpointed and retrieved a nice gold on silver ring (James Avery Radiant Christ) at about three inches. James Avery must sell a lot of jewelry because a significant portion of my jewelry finds are made by them.

We hunted for a while longer but there was not much to be had. We were finding clad, but that was it. A decision was made to try a local park. I had some things to take care of so I headed home and the guys hit the park. For a relatively short hunt I got very lucky. Good luck or providence, I'll take either one any day.

18K chain hallmark
Gold on silver ring
Total from sports field and some finds from some short park hunts

Happy Hunting!
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