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Story: Mazal Tov

Location Type Sports Field
Detecting Time 4.5 hours
Detector Whites DFX

I decided to hunt a high school that I had hunted once previously. The first time I did not find anything significant. But, knowing how sports fields usually have at least one good find buried beneath the turf, I felt it was worth another try. I was using the stock coil on the DFX and proceeded to grid out the sidelines and various parts of the fields (there are two). I found a dog whistle, watch frame, KLOL pin, cheap Jesus pendant and some clad. A nut, surprisingly, gave a solid 87 signal and I almost knew it was going to be a silver ring, but it was not.

I changed fields and headed out towards the center. It was pretty muddy, so I made my way around the puddles. I was swinging and I heard a high pitched signal. At first I thought it was from some iron, but I had not swung the coil directly over the target. I had missed the target by a large margin, but I had the preamp at 4 and must have caught the edge of the target's signal. I located the target and got a solid signal in the low 90's. I pinpointed and dug up a nice silver Jewish wedding band (Song of Solomon).

I hunted for a while longer without finding anything and decided to go home for a while. I came back later in the day and found some keys and a strange trinket with the Hawaiian Islands on it. After checking out some areas around the periphery of the fields I called it a day. A decent find is not necessary to enjoy this hobby, but it does make it a bit more exciting. Mazal Tov!

Silver ring (James Avery) - My beloved is mine, and I am his
Trinket with Hawaiian Islands on front and back
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Happy Hunting!
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