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Story: Minus Finds

Location Type Ocean Beach
Detecting Time 6 hours
Detector Minelab Explorer SE / Stock Coil

Anthony (Klopek) and I decided to spend some time at Stewart Beach in Galveston. It was a -0.96 minus tide with the wind from the north so there was a lot of wet sand to hunt. The weather was not supposed to be very good, but the chance of rain was low. We started out hunting the water and wet sand but the targets were few and far between. We ended up spending a lot of time on the towel line where there were a surprising number of targets. We did not find any valuable targets, but did find a number of pieces of fake jewelry. I had not been to the beach in quite a while and it was an enjoyable day.

Getting ready
Minus tide...
Seagulls wanting some food
Beach Finds
Fake Bling

Happy Hunting!
The Beep Goes On